Progress, Not Perfection

Progress, not Perfection. I just heard this phrase after listening to a workshop on Zoom held by my local library on nutrition. Although I knew most of the information that was shared, I think it’s helpful to remind myself of the basics of nutrition and healthy eating. Since beginning this new journey, I find myself more interested in how I can be healthier, not only with my weight, but the actual nutrition I consume.

Habits are certainly challenging. I honestly had some doubts whether I could kick some of my poor eating habits. I believe I have gotten over the first 21 days of establishing new habits I can incorporate into my life and not feel deprived or sad, or whatever negative feeling I thought I would.

Progress, Not Perfection.

It’s all about moderation, balance and consistency. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Without over analyzing this, it actually is. No need to over complicate this. Perhaps being home and not working at the moment has helped, too. I have the time now to plan and prepare. I don’t feel the need to eat out as much. Or when I do, I am mindful of the choices I make. The small modifications I have made so far in my eating habits have made a difference. I am currently down 10.2 pounds total and that’s in a seven week time frame. And even though I have a long road ahead to reaching my ultimate goal, I am more confident then ever that I will achieve it.

Again, it’s Progress, Not Perfection.

A positive mindset and attitude are really important. As with any life altering change, believing in yourself and being confident you can achieve success helps maintain the momentum. Sure, you’ll feel down and out at times, but that’s when you have to remain steadfast and not stay in that space too long. You may not realize the small changes are the building blocks to the end goal. Keeping those positive thoughts a constant will help you navigate the days when you feel discouraged.

Remember….Progress, Not Perfection.

I enjoy researching topics and since my health has become my number one priority, I like finding new websites and resources that educate me in the world of health; specifically how nutrition plays a vital role in a successful journey of weight loss. In addition, I have become more interested in my direct relationship with the environment and how I can incorporate my health goals and the environment. My son has been taking an AP Environmental Science class in high school and he brought home the book, “Cool Cuisine. Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming” by Laura Stec. It has sparked an interest in learning more how I can make a difference while eating healthy.

Progress, Not Perfection.

Slowly I am establishing a set of tools to help me continue on my trek to lose weight and be healthy. These tools and resources are now in my back pocket and I can turn to them when I might feel stuck or in a rut. Websites, blogs, YouTube videos, Instagram and the library are a few ways I can keep learning and growing.

It’s all about Progress, Not Perfection.

Before I end this post, I’d like to share a recipe I enjoyed that I got from The Girl on Bloor from Toronto, Canada. Her blog and YouTube channel have been very helpful and I think you’ll like her easy and manageable approach to eating healthy. I love portobello mushrooms and pizza. This recipe combines both into a healthier and still satisfying alternative to the carb heavy pizza most of us adore!

What have you done that has been a success for you in your journey to a better you? Please share your comments here. Let’s get the conversation started!

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