Taking it in Stride

This is the week for all us last-minute shoppers who are braving the stores and coming to grips with the “leftovers” and gift cards we will have to give to our loved ones.

For the most part, I have been taking this holiday season in stride, despite being busy with life. It’s been a nice change for me in some ways…just accepting what I can and cannot do, both on the physical and mental levels. I’m not stressing over some things like I used to…do I want to do it all? Kind of. But I also understand it’s just not necessary. I believe setting realistic expectations of myself has been helpful. I don’t have those anxious feelings and I hope the energy I exude is a combination of happiness and calming peace.

I am not saying that things have not been challenging or emotional. Ask anyone…I can get pretty emotional and easily cry. Yet, the last couple weeks, I actually feel okay. I am taking things as they come and if I do more than I planned for the day, then it’s a bonus.

Last week, I hosted a Christmas party with good friends of ours. I planned a simple menu of a couple different chilies and ordered some stuffed breads. My friends brought over some appetizers and desserts. It was perfect, in my opinion. And the whole time, I didn’t get upset or stressed as I was making the food or setting up the spaces to eat. I did what I could and it was enough.

Which leads me to this thought: it is completely acceptable to be imperfect and know when to say “it is fine. It is enough.” Don’t get me wrong. I do put expectations upon myself to have things “just so”…especially when I create. But if I spent my energy always concerned with all aspects of my day as needing to be perfect and “just so”, then I would be exhausted. My mind would be overwhelmed and I would probably be pretty irritable, too. I don’t think my family would want that! Neither do I.

I am grateful I have been more in control of my emotions and overall mental well-being this month. It’s a nice change of pace. It actually feels natural…more normal. And what better way to end the old year and start the new by simply taking things in stride?

How have you spent this holiday season? Have you enjoyed the little moments? Share your thoughts here. I’d love to hear from you.

I love simplicity

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