Keep Smiling and Shining

Happy February! We made it to another year and I’m so glad it is 2022! Honestly, I’m happy to be alive any day, but knowing a new year is ahead is enough to make me smile.

Living the last couple years in a pandemic has been quite the ride, hasn’t it? We have learned how to navigate this new world of living with Covid unlike anything else we knew before. From wearing masks in public to being top online communicators, we have certainly taken this way of living to benefit us so we can continue to thrive.

I’ve also learned a lot about myself, too:

  • Lots of self-reflection
  • Discovering who in my life is truly in my circle
  • Finding new hobbies or interests
  • Learning more about my ADHD
  • Meeting new people through social media
  • Appreciating nature more
  • Knowing what matters most

Despite my mental health status constantly going through ups and downs, I can see that the last couple years have not been horrible, but really a blessing! How can I not smile?

Typically during the beginning of a new year, we decide to make resolutions or goals to live a better life. This usually entails losing weight, eating healthier or maybe giving up on bad habits. All these are admirable objectives and not to downplay them, but I think there are even better intentions in order to have a positive effect:

  1. GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO BE KIND to others and not pass judgment. I know…that’s a biggie, but so important! Plus, kindness is FREE!
  2. ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES and try not to let change in circumstances bring on stress. We all can be little creatures of habit and not deal with change well. However, change can be a good thing and if we focus on the pros, we can see all the possibilities as a result of those changes!
  3. MAINTAINING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE despite our circumstances. Not only is it helpful to keeping ourselves calm, but having a positive attitude can also be an example for others to follow suit.

Through all this self discovery, I recognize that I have gifts I can share with others. I have always had many interests and been a good communicator, which is what I used as the inspiration to start this blog back in 2020. I have always possessed an artistic side and spending more time with art and photography has enabled me to share some of my passions with others. Additionally, being with people, sharing experiences, making new friends is something I’ve always enjoyed.

I have also discovered there are many people that think just like me, too! I know that may sound silly, but when you surround yourself with the same circle all the time, you miss out on so much. I’ve mentioned this a few times, but the community I met through Tik Tok has been unbelievably amazing. Not only are there people who are inspirational, but are also funny, caring, and honest. I have made some special friendships that I wouldn’t change for anything.

Let’s circle back to change for a moment. recently, I have been confronted with some changes that will make a significant impact on me. At first, upon learning of the changes, I absorbed the information and went through a bit of an assimilation process… first came shock/surprise, second was a feeling of sadness/disappointment and then finally came apprehension/anxiety. Now I’m pretty much at the acceptance stage. I cannot change what is not in my control, so once I went through these emotions, I can now feel more at peace of accepting this news.

My logical part of my brain has been outlining all the pros to this change, but my emotional side has been a bit more “vocal” and has made me wonder more about future. I know I can’t predict how things will turn out. I can, however, take a different approach and embrace the unknown. Instead of a bunch of what ifs, how about more WHAT IF???

There’s a quote from Erin Hanson that I have seen with a Winnie the Pooh drawing of him in the air holding onto a balloon that says, “What if I fall? Oh my darling, but what if you fly?” I love this quote because it says so much in a simple way. It addresses our fear of the unknown, but then quickly assures us there are grand possibilities of success if we only allow ourselves to give it a try.

I suppose my goal in life encompasses many things. I need to keep in the forefront of my thinking that with change comes opportunity. And with opportunity, we can learn and grow. That never ends, unless we stop trying. And that isn’t an option for me. I might fall or fail, but at least I am experiencing life with some wonderful rewards.

Doesn’t that just make you want to smile? GOOD! Now pass it on!

Smiling and shining on a sunny day

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