Wellness Progress – Week 3

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Author unknown

I did it! I finally broke the 10 pound loss mark! It seemed like I was hovering for a couple weeks. I was getting a bit frustrated because I have been working hard to lose and get stronger. I have been consistent in my exercise routine and eating habits. So, when the scale wasn’t moving, I started to feel like I would never get past a certain stage.

I know about muscle weighing more and losing inches is just as important, but the almighty scale seems to have presedence over everything else. But, It’s all good because I know I continue to make progress.

I began a 21 day challenge along with some fellow Fit Campers and it’s a great way to keep focused and motivated. Before I started this 21 day challenge, I had a goal to hold the plank position for more than a minute at a time. Someone posted a plank challenge in our group and turns out with this challenge, I should be able to hold plank for 3 minutes by the end of the 21 days!

This past Saturday was another successful Fit Camp at the nutrition club where I also get my protein shakes. I noticed how I was able to handle the repetitions quicker and I could do the modified pushups easier than the week before. My stamina has definitely improved.

I felt so good after my Fit Camp workout, I decided to go for a walk on the boardwalk by the beach. It was a beautiful day, too. As I was walking, I saw that the small island off shore was accessible by a walkable sandbar due to the very low tide that day. I had never walked out that far and decided to take on the adventure! It was so fun to explore and get my exercise in as well.

Beginning of the 1.5 mile round trip walk to and from the island

I should have listened to myself when I knew I needed to stop at some point so I could turn around and go back to my car. I had already walked a good mile or so. But, like they say, curiosity killed the cat and for me, I was very curious! It was so fun to explore and observe this quaint little island that is home to some local birds.

On my way back, my body wasn’t happy with me and I knew I’d be paying for it. By the time I got home, I was completely wiped out and my back hurt. I had to take it easy the rest of the day. I had no idea I would be in a lot of pain from walking more than usual. I did a double workout and my body did not like it!

Despite overdoing it, I love the fact that I push myself to my best ability. I find myself wanting to move more. Being part of the 21 day challenge and support group is making me hyper focused on my goals.

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