Welcome to My World

I love the sky. It brings me peace.

It seems I may be late to the blogging world. Most people have moved onto different platforms like YouTube or creating their own podcasts. I decided to start with a blog because I like to share my thoughts with basically everyone I encounter. I like spreading positivity, quotes, inspirational thoughts and anything in between. The world has become so toxic and I need some outlet aside from Tik Tok videos to get me through the day! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Tik Tok. I believe it is because of this app, I have rekindled the need to write again. The people I follow are truly inspirational folks and if it weren’t for their short daily video clips, I’m not sure if I would have the courage to start writing in a public forum.

Social media is the way of connecting in all kinds of levels. I didn’t think I would be THAT person to be part of it. It took me forever to join Instagram and Twitter, but I finally did because it was just necessary to be able to keep up to date and stay in touch with the world. I’ve been on Facebook (FB) for about 14 years since the birth of my 2nd child. I continue to be on FB, but in the past year, I am finding it to be a negative area of complaints and politics. Many of the public groups that were once a means of resource have become a forum for people to bash the government every moment they can or participate in cyber bullying.

Enter Covid-19 and the world shut down. Everyone watched as Italy closed down their country and suffered tremendous loss, while our country started thinking we needed to do something to “flatten the curve” so that we wouldn’t be as impacted like other countries. Unfortunately, the pandemic affected us worse than we thought and everyone just stayed home and self-quarantined. Eventually, the government stepped in to offer guidance, but at the cost of several lives lost.

So, what do middle-aged people do when they are forced to stay home, work from home and still need to deal with their families in closed quarters? Many turned to Tik Tok for the entertainment. I joined in mid to late May of 2020 and immediately was drawn to what this app had to offer. It became a daily ritual and because of the type of content I was seeking, I found people that shared the same ideas and thoughts as I did! We have become this little community (albeit, world wide) of folks seeking positivity and change. In a mere 15 or 60 second video clip, people started spreading good messages to the world with various hashtags so that others would be able to find them.

My kids say Tik Tok is not a positive environment and is just as bad as other social media platforms, but I really haven’t encountered that aspect of it personally. As with anything on social media, you can block, unfollow just scroll on by and move on. One of my favorite aspects of this app is that I have personally chatted or spoken to some of the bigger “tik tokkers” when they go Live and just answer questions, cook with you or just chill out. It’s a new way of socializing in these times of isolation.

One can certainly get caught up and spend hours on this app…maybe more so than Facebook or YouTube. There are many people that are creative, funny, inspirational, entertaining, you name it. And there is this sub-genre of tik tok…the gay/lesbian, the “regular” and the “creatives”. I’m still learning this aspect, but it is is intriguing because you’re able to find your community within the larger community of shared interests or values.

After getting to know some people on Tik Tok, about 3 or 4 people I interact with regularly have made an impact on me. I have found a voice and started changing my way of thinking. I have always tried to be happy and have fun and enjoy life, but I also allowed life’s stressors to disable or paralyze me, keeping me from being positive. I found Robert E Blackmon (@roberteblackmon), a Lifestyle coach with many other titles (fashion, entertainer, etc) and he has this short video segment called “Positive Vibes”. I love it because he summarizes one thing into a simple thought that is always positive and makes me think and starts my day. Then there is @Liquidshano1973 (Shane Leketa) who has a podcast called Coffee Talk. He’s in Maine and he has this wonderful voice just made for listening. He also shares his positivity daily along with his notorious cup of coffee to say, Cheers, and have a great day! It’s so nice to start the day off like that.

There are other Tik Tokkers that are doing great things…Richard a.k.a. “@mementovevir” and @supdaily as well as @scottdhenry. All these guys have one thing in common…spreading good, happy thoughts…telling their audience to be positive and smile…be happy and more importantly, to be kind.

You may think that this is all “kumbayaish”…heck, it probably is, but I think our world is DESPERATE to hear these messages more than ever. Main stream media and news outlets are full of negativity or bias stances. People are tired of the same thing with nothing ever changing. Enter Tik Tok…a place to unwind, smile, laugh, be silly, chat and hear something positive. Who wouldn’t be drawn to this platform? 

In the beginning, this app was geared towards young people…tweens and teens primarily. But soon afterwards, when Covid hit, the 30/40/50 plus somethings started taking over! It was great to see people like me on this app and I started creating my own content as well. I still consider myself a novice. I have a little over 300 followers, which sometimes makes me a bit discouraged because I notice others have 1,000s of followers and barely any content. But, it’s just a number, right?

The goal to reach 1K followers is kind of a big deal, though. It allows that person to go “live” and be able to chat with their people exclusively. This is where you invite your followers into your world…your home…on a more intimate level. I’d love to get to that point, but I have a way to go. And what is more important to me is the quality and content of those I follow or who follow me than just growing for the sake of growing a big following.

I am not in this to be famous. I am here to share my thoughts and spread the good news of loving life and being appreciative of what is given to us because life is too darn short to spend feeling sorry for ourselves or never finding joy in the little things in life. If I can make an impact on just one or two people here online, then I have succeeded. If I am able to help someone see how valuable they are, I will be so happy. I love people and it hurts me to see others suffering, especially my friends.

If I can’t hug you now because of Covid, then I am sending you my virtual hugs like (((this))) using my words and my smile. 🙂

#positivity, #attitudematters, #enjoythelittlethings, #beintentional

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