Co-Creating Impact

In January 2021, I joined a fellow Tik Tokker, Lori Baird, to be a co-host/guest on a new podcast, Co-Creating Impact. This is a community based podcast where people are invited to be co-hosts to discuss or share their work, passions, journeys, etc. I was fortunate to be the first person to be on the podcast. I spent approximately 15 minutes discussing this blog as well as my goals and aspirations.

I have recorded 2 episodes and will be a featured Co-Host each month, focusing on mental wellness, specifically regarding how I have managed to live with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.)

Please visit the Co-Creating Impact website and let me know what you think!!! As always, I thank you for your support and feedback!

This was the second episode I recorded with Lori with Co-Creating Impact