Progress, Not Perfection

Progress, not Perfection. I just heard this phrase after listening to a workshop on Zoom held by my local library on nutrition. Although I knew most of the information that was shared, I think it’s helpful to remind myself of the basics of nutrition and healthy eating. Since beginning this new journey, I find myself … Continue reading Progress, Not Perfection

The Art of Doing Nothing

I have recently come across several posts and discussions regarding the art of doing nothing. Stillness. Quiet. I am not referring to meditation, although that is a good practice to center yourself. This aspect of doing nothing is just as it says… spending time not doing anything. Remember as kids we would go outside and … Continue reading The Art of Doing Nothing

Love, Love, Love

There’s a song from the 90’s that was in the movie, Night at the Roxbury, entitled “What is Love?”, the theme of the movie. The characters are brothers who are very close, have a falling out, eventually reconcile and everyone lives happily ever after. The movie was a flop and there wasn’t much depth. Probably … Continue reading Love, Love, Love


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